How it works

Crowdsource movie subtitles using Captcha

The filmmaker uploads their file and selects subtitling in English or transcription to another language.

The file is processed to determine timecode and audio correlation and to create baseline translation.

Short clips of dialogue are created and the non-relevant clips are discarded for security.

Clips are served into a CAPTCHA device that is provided to website owners on a freemium model.

The user chooses the language they want to translate into. They watch the clip and type in the transcription. If it matches a certain percentage of other entries, it is accepted and the user can enter the site. They can also select a text-based option.

If website owners choose the CAPTCHA model with a game, user can translate more clips and both the user and website owner receive points that can be good for movie tickets, social media badges, deals and other prizes.

In addition, the CAPTCHA will be used to give users information about the films they are translating or other independent film releases.

After the clip has received 100 correlating transcriptions, it will be accepted.

Subtitle files produced will be shared with Open Subtitles to give hearing-impaired people more access to independent films.


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